solar anderson connectors made in China  COMPANY PROFILE
ONESUN is a unique company. It has vertically integrated all   technologies required by ESS (Energy Storage System), including   cells, BMS, energy storage inverters and system integration, since   2010. One of our founders is from BYD battery technology leader,   one founder who graduated from Postdoctoral has been focusing on   photovoltaic industry, and main technical staff have been in energy   storage industry over ten years. They share a dream and a mission   that people in the earth are able to invest in and consume solar   energy safely and efficiently. We regard quality & safety as our   lifeline. For batteries, we only use Class A LiFePO4 batteries from   China's top five brands, such as BYD etc. using BYD automotive-     grade smart BMS technology, so our energy storage system can     work normally even in severe environment,such as vibration status,   wide temperature, etc. Regarding inverters, core components are   adopted with international brands. For example, IGBT is from   INFINEON, and MOSFET is from TOSHIBA. We focus on safety and quality, but the price has obvious advantages over well-known brands, in order to make customers obtain goods with higher cost performance. With 20 procedures, each of our energy storage system has undergone strict quality inspection and performance testing, which can be tracked. With self-developed key technologies, we focused on ESS applications, and had put more than 5.8GWh of products into use in 78 countries, as of November 2022. ONESUN is so proud to alter individuals鈥?power generation, transmission, and the way of electricity use. It is our mission and dream to let everyone in the world to use and invest in solar energy safely and conveniently. Your yearning for green energy in the future is our inner motivation!

Make global users with efficient and convenient consumption and investment in solar energy.
The Global Photovoltaic Energy Storage Technology Innovation and Application Leading Enterprises.
Business Principle
High quality, High cost-effective, High  efficiency, High performance

Minimalism锛?/span>Extremely cost-effective; Win the customer's inner recognition.

Full participation, whole process management, zero defective products.

solar anderson connectors made in China