ChinaPEAirBubbleFilmMachineManufacturs  We are a manufacturer of air bubble film machines with more than ten years of experience in China. Over the years, our products have been sold at home and abroad and has won years of praise from vast numbers of customers. There is no doubt that produced by Zhetuo, it must be a high-quality product.
Our products have participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad. You are welcome to visit our factory.
The main technical parameters
Scope of application:LDPE (MFI: 2.5-3.5) LLDPE (MFI: 2-3) or recycled LDPE material (Can be used 100% recycled LDPE material)
Maximum width of the finished product winding:1200mm (Standard width adjustable 100mm-1200mm)
Maximum diameter of finished product winding:1500mm
Maximum mechanical speed:聽30m/min (the actual production speed is determined by conditions such as materials used and production process requirements)
Maximum extrusion capacity:200kg per hour
Maximum extrusion thickness:200gsm
Minimum extrusion thickness:25gsm
Extrusion thickness uniformity:3%
Mechanical voltage:3-phase 4-wire, 380V, 50HZ
Total power of power supply:60KW
Mechanical size:9mX2.8mX2.5m(LXWXH)
Machine weight:5000KG
Effective width of die head:1200mm
Extrusion screw diameter:65mm,65mm
Hard tooth surface reducer:146Type, 146Type
Motor power:18.5KW, 18.5KW
Inverter power:18.5KW, 18.5KW
Bubble roller diameter:240
The above is the main configuration of our machines. If you require more detailed information, please contact our professionals
Our product bubble wrap packaging materials are mainly used in e-commerce express and logistics transportation packaging products. Bubble wrap packaging materials have moisture-proof and buffering protection functions to protect the safety of goods. Our machinery can be adjusted to your needs, the size and hardness of the bubble, the length and width of the finished bubble film.
Our mode of transportation
Why choose us?
Quality of machine:
The quality is stable, the production efficiency is very high, the utilization rate of raw materials is very high, and the second and third times of raw materials are supported to make again, and the cost is saved
After-sales service:
We have a professional after-sales team, mature engineers can deal with all kinds of unexpected problems, and our agents are all over the country, if you have any after-sales problems, we can solve for you
Training Services:
We guarantee that we will train your staff until they are able to operate our machines independently
Lifetime Service:
After the warranty period, we will continue to provide long-term service for all customers, communicate with you regularly, and provide you with equipment upgrade and maintenanceChinaPEAirBubbleFilmMachineManufacturs