ChinaVacuumCleanerPartsFactory  Electronic Multi-purpose Power Brush Floor Vacuum Cleaner Tool Parts Accessories Dusty Brush Head Attachment
1. We have different rollers to match it. If you want to clean your hard floor or wood floor, you can use this one with soft fibers. It is very soft and will not do damage to your wood floor. Indeed, it can protect your wood floor and clean easily. If you want to use it to clean carpet, you can use this bristle roller which can deeply clean the carpet dust. And it is very easy for you to change the roller. We have a special design for your changing rollers. There has a button at one side of the machine. You push the button and take the roller out, then change the other one back. And our soft roller and bristle roller both can be washed and replaced. One thing needs to notice is that you must let washed roller dried totally, it may have bad smell and affect suction if not dried totally.
2. For this power brush floor nozzle, it has a small motor inside, the power is 20W and the roller have different colors for your choice.
3. Besides, we have 4 bright Led light in front of the brush, it is very useful if you need to clean some dark places such as under the bed, under the sofa, etc.
4. Also, we have two big wheels design to speed up house cleaning. And the wheels can make our house working more relax and not tired.
5. The floor brush elbow can be flexible to 180 degree which can help house working and reduce cleaning difficulty.
6. How to assembly
Attach the floor nozzle power brush to the other end of the wand.ChinaVacuumCleanerPartsFactory