Customized Light Therapy  SGROW VIG Series Red Infrared Led Therapy Light Device 630nm 660nm 810nm 830nm 850nm ODM OEM Service
Hot Selling VIG Series
SGROW is a professional led therapy Light manufacturer. The VIG series have 4 models
500W 750W 1000W and 1500w , it have 2 switches control red 660nm and 850nm
How to use?
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VIG Series Advantage
1. Economical solution for getting started with red light therapy;
2. Option to choose your wavelength configuration: All 660nm/Red, All 850nm/ Near Infrared (NIR) or combination Red/NIR;
3. Combination (R/NIR) models offer flexibility to use only red wavelengths or only NIR wavelengths in addition to both being used at the same time.Customized Light Therapy