Industrial Floor Scrubber Robot for sale  Commercial scrubber robot 75 is a smart floor scrubber design that integrates washing, drying, dirt absorption, sterilization and ash reduction equipment, widely used in outdoor squares, indoor parking lots, airports, railway stations, shopping malls,Logistics warehouse and other stages, safe, efficient and excellent performance.
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1 Multi-sensor integrated design, accurately distinguish dynamic and static obstacles and weak obstacles, high safety factor.
2 The original designed front brush head, front flywheel and cleaning assembly are linked, and the left and right rotations are 270 degrees, the rotation is flexible and there is no piping, dead zones, with high automatic coverage.
3 Disc brush + rolling brush structure, integrated sweeping, and washing, completely solve the problem of traditional washing machine waste blocking the suction pipe.
4 Super-sealed and fits the squeegee strip, effectively wiping without leaving marks.
5 Autonomous map creation, automatic route planning, real-time coverage, flexible response to complex and changing scenarios.
6 Precise positioning and integration.
7 Continuous break point analysis function to ensure full operation.
Automatic link elevator, transverse operation
8 Original waste water recycling system,saving water and time.
9 Support autonomous charge, add water and drain water.
10 Three smart fenders: anti-collision, anti-skid and anti-fall.
11 Smart voice, touch screen, APP.
12 Cloud management, online upgrade, real-time data transmission, equipment abnormal alarm, job report feedback.
Technical parameters of scrubber robot 75
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)1370X962X1417mm
Cleaning capacityUp to 2500M2
Cleaning width750mm
Rated voltage24V
Max Power2000W
Brush rotary speedUp to 270RPM
Average continuous working time4-6h
Rated driving motor power400W
Moving speed0-4km/h
Climbing ability10潞
Motor power of brush plate3X150W
Water suction motor500W
Max water suction pressure18.18Kpa
Waste water tank50L
Clean water tank75L
Sound level55-70dB(A)
Safety system3D Lidar, 2D laser, depth camera, ultrasonic sensor, electronic bumper.
Gross weight of scrubber450kg
Battery weight64kg
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