Laser Code Engraving Machine in stock  SLC-HK 300 Deep laser code engraving machine
SLC-HK 300 Deep laser code engraving machine 锛?is to use high energy laser beam to instantly melt or even vaporize the material, with vibration, shock, impact and other effects, supplemented by high pressure gas to blow slag, with the beam and material is relatively high speed movement, in the material surface with a certain depth of grooves.Trough side thermal impact is small, no metal pile high, basically no workpiece deformation.
Product Introduction
1. The marking function of this equipment is mainly used for the surface marking of various metal parts.
2. This equipment can be applicable to aerospace, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, Marine ships, stainless steel aluminum alloy products, mold processing and many other fields.
3. Suitable for scenarios with special requirements for cutting depth, such as automobile VIN, pre-heat treatment identification, etc.
4. Applicable and mobility, handheld, or integrated with automation.
5. Can carve limit depth deep, only increase the number of engraving can constantly improve the depth of engraving.Typical characters (10mm high, 5mm wide, 0.5mm deep) are engraved efficiently by 20 characters per minute.
6. The processing mode is non-contact processing, without fixture, with high repeated positioning accuracy.
7. Not sensitive to the hardness and cleanliness of the material surface.
Technical Parameters
1. Optical characteristic parameters
Average laser power300W
Laser peak power1500W
Power regulation range10%~100%
Laser frequency adjustment range0-50kHz
Center wavelength1080nm
Work patterncontinuous / pulse
Polarization directionarbitrarily
Beam mass factorM2 鈮?.5
Field mirror modelF255
Grinding width0mm ~ 150mm
Fiber length5m
Fiber optic minimum bending radius150mm
Output power instability鈮?%
Indicates the red light wavelength655nm
Indicates the red light power鈮?.3 mW
Cooling-down methodInternal circulating water cooling (deionized water)
Guide laser functionhave
Anti-hyperreflective functionhave
鈥籘he above parameters are for reference only, please refer to the actual situation
2. General characteristic parameters
Equipment modelSLC-HK300
Crate sizeLong * wide * high锛?000mm*800mm*1100mm锛圵ith the actual delivery shall prevail锛?/p>
Net weight300kg
Operation typeHandheld & Automated
Supply voltageThree-phase five-line,锛孉C380卤10%V锛?0~60 Hz锛?/p>
Operating temperature range0鈩?~40鈩?/p>
Storage temperature range-20鈩?~ 60鈩?dry))
Power consumption @25鈩?/p>锛?000W
鈥籘he above parameters are for reference only, please refer to the actual situationLaser Code Engraving Machine in stock