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Brass swing check valve, also known as the reverse check valve, its function is to prevent the backflow of the medium in the pipeline. The opening valve that is opened or closed by the medium flow and force to prevent the backflow of the medium is called the check valve. Check valve belongs to the automatic valve class, mainly used in the medium directional flow of the pipeline, only allow the medium to flow in one direction, to prevent accidents
Design Feature
1. The structure length is short.
2. Small size, light weight,
3. The valve valve closes quickly, and the water hammer pressure is small.
4. Horizontal or vertical pipes can be used and easy to install.
5. Smooth flow channel and small fluid resistance.
6. Sensitive action and good sealing performance.
7. The valve flap stroke is short, and the valve closing impact force is small.
The overall structure, simple and compact, beautiful shape.
9. Long Service life and high reliability.
Product Specification
Product Parameter
SIZE: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 11/4", 11/2", 2", 21/2", 3", 4"
Material: Brass
Field of Application: WATER
Working pressure: 10-20Bar/100--200 Psi
Connection: Female-Female,
Working Temperature: -20鈩?to 120 鈩?/p>
Brass material (Hpb57-3) chemical composition
Cu Pb Fe Sn Al Ni Mn
Si Zn As Bi Ag Cr Sb
Co Mg P S Ti V In
Mo Nb Zr W Hg
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